Invatati Legile jocului de fotbal cu Daniel Munteanu

Welcome to the meeting with Daniel Munteanu!

Who am I?

What could be more pleasant for an ex-referee than discussing upon the Laws of the Game?
I invite you to discuss with me questions and answers!
I have created this website in order to impart my experience to the referees.
In order to write me use the Contact form

from the left:

  • Daniel Munteanu (Romania) - assistant referee;
  • Giorgios Bikas (Greece) - referee;
  • Anthony Zammit (Malta) - assistant referee;
  • Rene Temmink (Holland) - forth official,
  • match: Hungary vs. France (23.07.1996) European U 18 Championship

Who am I?

  • Name and surname: Daniel Savin Munteanu;
  • Birthyear: 1960;
  • Place of residence: Bacau - Romania;
  • Education: Polytechnic Institute;
  • Licence: Electronics and Telecommunications;
  • Language skills: English, German;
  • Hobbies: Computers, Mathematics, foreign languages, literature, chess.

My refereeing activity:

  • 1976: referee;
  • 1986: referee in the third Romanian football League;
  • 1991: referee in the second Romanian football League;
  • 1993: assistant referee in the first Romanian football League;
  • 1996: assistant referee on the FIFA list,

In 1997 a cerebral vascular accident has brought me a hemiplegia and has stopped my refereeing career.

In the present time I am county referees' instructor.

Mr. Julian Carosi from England has encouraged and helped me to write about refereeing and the Laws of the game. He contributed to publishing my articles in following English magazines:

  • THE WARBLER Season 2003/2004 monthly Magazine of Woking Referees' Society;
  • THE FOOTBALL REFEREE October 2003;
  • REFEREEING TODAY February 2006.
Many thanks Julian!